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Frequently Asked Questions

How will students of different ages be separated?

Students are broken up just as they would in any other school and spend the day with their classmates. We offer a fluid placement system, where students are able to learn at their pace and to their learning styles.

To achieve this, we employ a blended class structure where students can shift between subject classes and blended among grade levels to ensure an appropriate level of instruction and challenge.

Students take an assessment prior to the school year beginning and are place in the appropriate class based on that. Throughout the year, as students progress through the curriculum, we likewise assess their placement. If a student is progressing at a slower rate and requires a bit more support, they would be given the time to learn what is required in a lower grade. On the other hand, if a student is advancing rather quickly, in order not to risk them being bored and regressing, they may be moved to a more advanced class for a particular subject. The goal is to place the student in an environment that is fit for their learning style and aptitude.

Who is teaching the students? Are the teachers licensed?

Our teacher selection process is quite critical. We employ educators with a passion for teaching and the skill set to do it well. Teachers are either at a graduate level of study or already-licensed NYS teachers. Anyone who works with us also goes through our extensive training of company approaches and methodologies.

What do the kids eat throughout the day?

You have two options for food during the school day. You can either pack your own lunch sent to school in a lunch box with a cold pack or you can purchase the meal plan add-on from us. Our food includes a hot lunch (Russian home-style cooking) and 2 snacks. You must commit per semester for the meal plan add-on.

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